I Find It Interesting … So, I’ll Write About It

Here goes my foray into blog writing. Frank Viola has inspired me to start. In one of Frank’s recent podcasts he makes the case that every Christian today should have a blog, just as a way of communicating to people what our passions are. Who knows? It could resonate with someone. Add to that, the facts that: (1) I like to write. (2) My friend Jerry has been encouraging me for years to write in some public forum. (3) I use the phrase, “I find it interesting that ….” a lot. I like thinking about God, ideas, theology, people, and what it means to try to live life as a follower of Jesus Christ in the early 21st century – particularly as a married, middle-aged, father, government worker, and resident of a small town in south Mississippi (Picayune to be specific). I think I’ll enjoy the writing. If a few others find it enjoyable, helpful, interesting – or even irritating – all the better.