The Ever Quotable Dallas Willard

John Ortberg has a great remembrance piece in Christianity Today talking about his friendship with Dallas Willard. Ortberg includes some of his favorite Willard definitions of words and phrases. Fresh and always from an angle that few of us (if any!) have thought of, Willard could illuminate religious words that we’ve heard so often they’ve lost all meaning and others that are so Theological with a capital T that most people don’t care about them. Some of my favorite Dallas Willard definitions from the Ortberg article;

“Somebody once asked Dallas if he believed in total depravity.

“I believe in sufficient depravity,” he responded immediately.

What’s that?

“I believe that every human being is sufficiently depraved that when we get to heaven, no one will be able to say, ‘I merited this.'”


“A¬†disciple¬†is anyone whose ultimate goal is to live as Jesus would live if he were in their place.”


“Reality is what you can count on.”


“Pain is what you experience when you bump into reality.”

Don’t I know it.

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