Change the Mississippi state flag

I just sent this to the governor of my state:

Governor Bryant,

I urge you to take a firm stand and lead our state to adopt a new state flag.

I am a white, conservative, sixth generation Mississippian, who also happens to have voted Republican 95% of the time over the past 40 years. I am tired of offending a large number of my fellow Mississippians, and, now, unintentionally aligning our state with bigoted haters by continuing to fly the current state flag. You keep insisting on “letting the voters decide.” This seems to me like an indefensible double standard. Using your “let the voters decide,” approach, we should just do away with the legislature, and just govern by popular vote, putting matters such as the state budget and traffic laws to a vote by the general electorate.

I know you know that we don’t live in that kind of a pure democracy because it is unworkable. We elected you and the members of the legislature to lead. Start leading by following Sen. Wicker’s advice: put the current flag in a museum, and design and adopt a new flag of unity for Mississippi.

Don’t fall into the trap that previous “leaders” of this state fell into. It is inevitable that this change is going to happen, just like it was inevitable that segregation would end. The outside pressure on the state, including economic pressure, will become too great. The longer you wait, the worse the state looks to those outside the state. And, the longer you wait, the more likely that history will associate you with the likes of Ross Barnett rather than leaders, such as William Winter, who could see the future and strove to lead their fellow Mississippians to forge a better more unified Mississippi.

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